Building Management coordinates the pest control services for the building and property with a contracted vendor. This vendor performs schedule preventive services for the building common areas and property grounds, utilizing an integrated pest management (IPM) plan and practices.

An IPM plan manages indoor pests in a way that protects human health and the surrounding environment through the most effective and most economical option; employing common sense strategies to reduce the opportunities for sources of food, water and shelter for pests in the building and grounds while minimizing the use of pesticides.

The building’s integrated pest management plan calls:

  • Routine inspection and monitoring of the site.
  • Utilizing the least-toxic chemical pesticides.
  • Limiting the frequency and use of pesticides.
  • Targeting the individual species of pest.
  • Targeting the location of pest sighting.
  • Utilizing live traps in place of pesticides in applicable locations (such as the building perimeter).
  • All pesticides and cleaning products used in the IPM plan must meet the quality control standards for Indoor and Environmental Quality.

Tenant should immediately report any pest sightings or suspected pest activity to building management. Tenant’s assistance in identifying possible pest activity is crucial to the ongoing success of the building’s IPM plan.