Please do not block or hold open the doors of the elevator as this may cause delays to the other Tenants or result in mechanical malfunctions to the elevator. Do not use the red alarm / emergency button to hold the elevator. If the elevator should stop between floors, check that the button has not been accidentally depressed. Report any non-emergency problems to Building Management.

In the event keys or other items are dropped in the gap between the floor and the elevator floor, the assistance of the elevator vendor is required to obtain the items. All costs incurred are the responsibility of the Tenant. Please contact building management with any questions or concerns.

Elevator Entrapment

If you are entrapped during a mechanical malfunction, remain calm. The elevator contains an alarm button and emergency phone. In the event of an entrapment or mechanical failure, use the phone (“call”) button located in the elevator. The call will automatically connect to the elevator vendor’s dispatch service.


There are three stairwells, located on the East, West, & South sides of the building. These are your primary exits in an event of an emergency. Do not use elevators. Therefore, these stairwells must be free of debris (i.e. cardboard boxes, trash, and pallets), not used for storage, and never propped open. Please immediately notify building management if something is observed or in need of attention.