Tenant shall not use the premises for cooking (except for commercial rated Underwriting Laboratories (UL) approved microwave reheating, dishwashers, refrigerator, and coffee makers and be free of frayed wires, loose connections and/or broken sockets). These appliances are recommended to be plugged into a dedicated GFI outlet so as not to trip circuit breakers or interfere with the operation of other equipment. No grills are permitted on the property unless approved by Landlord in advance. No candles, incense or other flammables or open flame are permitted in the building or on the property grounds.

Personal Appliances

No residential appliances are allowed in Tenant’s premises, e.g., coffee pots, refrigerator or microwave. They must all be commercial rated Underwriting Laboratories (UL) listed.

If Tenant elects to install these items, they are only permitted within designated kitchen or coffee stations. They are not permitted within any private offices, cubicles, and work or storage areas.

Tenant must have the advanced approval of Building Management for the location of these items, so we may ensure compliance with applicable building codes, including but not limited to plumbing, electrical and fire codes.

Tenant will be responsible for the cost to install plumbing lines, dedicated circuits, or changes to fire life safety system for these items, if applicable.