Janitorial services are provided Monday through Friday after and during normal business hours, excluding holidays. Routine office cleaning includes vacuuming, dusting and emptying of wastebaskets. As a reminder, do not place any materials or objects near or against trash receptacles if the item should not be thrown away. See Section “Recycling & Trash” for further details.

Dusting includes flat surfaces such as desks and shelves that are free of papers, materials or other personal items. The janitorial crew will not dust any computer equipment, including terminals, hard drives or keyboards; nor will they vacuum or dust near computer cables or wires. This is to avoid disrupting any sensitive computer or phone equipment, or misplacement/damage to personal items.

The exterior windows of your suite are cleaned inside and outside once annually, usually scheduled for late Spring. The notification of this service will be sent to you in advance of the work.

Cleaning Specifications

Janitorial Task (Partial Listing) Daily Weekly Other
Trash & Recycling
Empty waste & recycling containers x    
Surfaces & Tabletops
Dusting of mid-range surfaces, desks, table tops, etc.
(Open areas only, items will not be removed
Dust all high and low surfaces within normal reach   x  
Damp wipe and/or disinfect counters, sinks, tables,
& chairs
Wipe down walls     x
Spot clean any spillage or soiled areas within common
Sweep entire floor including lobbies, emergency exits, &
Damp mop and buff all hard surface floors including
telephone and electrical closets
Maintain elevator floors and tracks (only one
elevator may be taken out at any given time)
Refill all dispensers in need, including soap, paper towels
& toilet tissue
Spray, wipe and disinfect sinks, faucets, mirrors, &
fixtures with appropriate cleaning solution