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Seaport Square

Seaport Square is a next-generation urban hub. Sleek office towers,
captivating residential architecture and trend-setting eateries
are surrounded by beautifully landscaped parks and the compelling
backdrop of Boston Harbor.


Seaport Square is a master planned mixed-use development with a thoughtful
blend of Residential, Office, Retail, Education and Civic uses.

Seaport Square includes:


The renovated Seaport Boulevard will feature new trees, a landscaped
median and outdoor seating. The unique design and positioning of
121 Seaport along Seaport Boulevard offers an excellent opportunity
along this 21st century thoroughfare.

Seaport Square Green

Expansive indoor/outdoor café seating and a food vendor service are key features of the square. Immediately adjacent to Fan Pier Park, the square will provide an unobstructed and protected view corridor of Boston Harbor that extends to 121 Seaport.

District Hall

A unique neighborhood amenity, District Hall offers an open lounge space to work, brainstorm and meet, complete with a coffee shop and restaurant.

Harbor Way

The 70-foot wide pedestrian promenade is located between 121 Seaport and 101 Seaport, featuring world-class shops and restaurants.


121 Seaport is designed to help companies create unique workplaces, recruit and retain top talent and excel in an ever-evolving economy.

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